Our Team

Nicholas Havill

  Founder & President      

Nick oversees all aspects of the business and our projects. Prior to launching his business, Nick was an executive that used to “buy” the services he now provides. This has given him a unique knack of understanding your perspective and crafting solutions that answer your real needs.

Joe Slagle

  Senior Consultant      

Joe’s 27-year history with Havill has resulted in him being the expert in making data simple. He manipulates, models, and analyzes the project data in a way that makes sense and answers your questions in a way that is simple to understand, bridging the gap between data and marketing.

Dhaval Patil

  Consultant & Web Developer      

Dhaval, a 1-year veteran of our team, has been tasked with duty of supporting our FleetWiki and FleetLeads “user experience.” He supports the fleet and supplier onboarding process and serves as your liaison when you need our help reaching fleets and in us providing the research and information you need.

Sumana Kao

  Sr. Developer      

Sumana has been programming custom CRM, lead management, and data manipulation tools for our client projects for 20 years. We are keeping her busy designing the next generation of our FleetWiki and FleetLeads web interfaces.